1. Any Dr. Who fans out there? My other blog is a tardis.


  2. i was gonna write about something that upset me but it just sounded so sarcastic and now i’m not mad. i might exist under a few more layers of irony than i can handle


  3. wow…wicked





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  8. man i hate my brother so much and it isn’t because i’m a 19 year old toddler he really is just the most worthless person i’ve ever met


  9. Congratulations on graduating from COLLEGE University. The forced labor camp located in COLLEGEville is currently reviewing your resume and will be making a decision shortly.


  10. I forgave you, bro. I let you smoke from the forgiveness bong and this is how you repay me?






  15. the only thing worse than a math professor who can’t teach very well is a math professor who can’t teach very well and has two broken arms so he has his wife write everything on the board