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  2. mapsontheweb:

    New York City streets colored by orientation

    More cities, plus map author’s comments: http://www.datapointed.net/2014/10/maps-of-street-grids-by-orientation/

    Thanks, I needed this


  3. I told all the listeners that it was snowing and I was trapped inside the radio station, and they said I couldn’t say that


  4. 4320p:

    i’m doing my aircheck for the radio station tonight at around 9:30pm est so if you wanna listen

    Ok 5 minutes left!!


  5. i’m doing my aircheck for the radio station tonight at around 9:30pm est so if you wanna listen


  6. also i’m auditioning to become a music major and i’ve never felt so confident about any decision i’ve ever made before


  7. i don’t associate with people who choose majors based on salary and talk about how they’re “actually going somewhere after college” lol


  8. Scientists have treated a man they believe to be the first patient with internet addiction disorder brought on by overuse of Google Glass.

    The man had been using the technology for around 18 hours a day – removing it only to sleep and wash – and complained of feeling irritable and argumentative without the device. In the two months since he bought the device, he had also begun experiencing his dreams as if viewed through the device’s small grey window. […]

    The patient – a 31-year-old US navy serviceman – had checked into the Sarp in September 2013 for alcoholism treatment. The facility requires patients to steer clear of addictive behaviours for 35 days – no alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes – but it also takes away all electronic devices.

    Doctors noticed the patient repeatedly tapped his right temple with his index finger. He said the movement was an involuntary mimic of the motion regularly used to switch on the heads-up display on his Google Glass.


  9. being dramatic goes hand in hand with being an engineer


  10. this is neat to see 3 semesters into an engineering degree. but that’s just because i love being miserable and in some demented way it makes me content with life



  12. i’m not depressed i’m just sadd


  13. how many college students “suffer” from depression and how many suffer from “depression”


  14. you could make the best movie/show/game ever, but if it’s about zombies i just don’t care


  15. "you aren’t going to bed until you brush your teeth and your toothbrush takes an enamel scan to confirm"