1. to the people who didn’t think memes existed until reddit, explain this ancient meme circa a 1984 album cover



  3. reddit dot com was built upon the simple algorithm that was originally going to be used for the seinfeld n64 game






  8. Trending this week: Freedom

    1776 people searched “Freedom” in the last week.

    Check it out



  10. the two most everlasting experiences i’ve had while waking up are hearing rich girl by hall and oates (good) and another time i had a fever and woke up in florida during new years and turner classic movies was showing all of the actors who died during the past year (bad)


  11. 4320p:

    College update: I sang “love is a battlefield” drunk at karaoke and made someone film it. I’m gonna post the video once I get it

    haven’t heard anything from those who filmed it yet. i only got 3 letters for these people: s m h


  12. can’t wait to move to another country/continent/planet/galaxy


  13. world

    s longest heart attack (19 years & ongoing)


  14. i wanna sing 99 luftballons at karaoke next week (in german)


  15. someone told me to turn my music down. that was really embarrassing. i can’t show my face out there now i might have to pee out my window tonight