3. ufswo i think Cosmonaut Kramer is what im gonna call it


  4. movie idea: kramer in space


  5. (Source: 4320p)




  8. i’m not funny now but maybe i was a long time ago


  9. 4320p:

    prank call: yeah can i speak to moe…moe blogs hahah


  10. this is one of the best ASMR videos on youtube. lots of brain tinglies and triggers right here


  11. Hell on Earth is here! Hell on Earth is here! Today!


  12. Any Dr. Who fans out there? My other blog is a tardis.


  13. i was gonna write about something that upset me but it just sounded so sarcastic and now i’m not mad. i might exist under a few more layers of irony than i can handle


  14. wow…wicked